The Passive Income 





Income stream  GUIDE

How to Set up an E-commerce 
Passive income businesses made simple
Developing the Mindset for 
financial freedom
Leveraging your Credit

The Passive Income E-book is the ultimate passive income bundle that can show you how to create different sources of income for you & your family. Don't just rely on your job to create income for your family. 

-Learn how to start an e-commerce store that can earn you THOUSANDS of dollars per month.

-Learn how to generate different income streams from the comfort of your home 

-Adopting the right mindset to be profitable in your life 

- Building business credit & funding your side businesses 

Created by Kendal Kirkland 


I've also included a FREE nutrition E-book! No point in making money if you aren't healthy enough to spend it. 


The Kirkland Approach includes all foods that are anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense, and great for your body in general. I  have also included an approved food list, how to portion your meals, a cookbook that includes some of my favorite meals, as well as a list of my favorite herbal supplements.