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About Kendal

Kendal Kirkland is a serial entrepreneur who loves to try new business ventures. He is also been featured on television , models and has been featured in a variety of magazines, commercials, and clothing brand advertisements and helped hundreds of clients become the best version of themselves. 


Operating in various fields, Kendal has committed his life purpose to helping reach beyond their potential to the next level. In just the past few years, Kendal has helped thousands of clients in the following ways:

Financially – Check out his Courses & Credit Repair Business

Physically -Kendal has worked with an herbalist for the last 6 years! Developing products that improve the quality of life for all of his wellness clients. 

Mentally – Podcast Coming Soon

Relationally -Kendal has coached people through their relationship issues and transparently shares how he has evolved from his own personal experiences. Kendal is also a success coach.

GRAB HIS ALPHA DATING COURSE if you are single or even dating!

Stay tuned and check out some of Kendal’s products as we are constantly working on new projects.


Contact us if you would like to book Kendal for your next engagement.

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