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Helping Men & Women Become the best version of themselves. 

To outgrow old habits and invest in one's future by perfecting the internal and external things that consistently hold you back. 

About Our Founder


         Hello Everyone! My name is Kendal Kirkland and I use to be overweight as a child and the doctor told me I needed to lose a lot of weight while going through puberty. My confidence was low and I had no clear direction. I spent countless hours researching the effects of food and exercise science and ended up losing 40+ pounds. My family and friends were blown away! Since then I played basketball and won two city titles/one state championship & played one year of college basketball. After playing basketball I fell in love with acting and modeling so I began to intensify everything I was doing in the gym and the kitchen to obtain stellar results. People have always asked me for assistance when it came to “dieting” in a healthy manner or working out. I have helped hundreds of people throughout my life lose weight or gain muscle so I decided to get nationally certified as a personal trainer.

Since then I created multiple six-figure businesses & starred on USA's Temptation Island. I've been blessed to obtain the women I've wanted and want to teach others to be the best versions of themselves. I've made SOOOOOO many mistakes, but I learned the right ways to execute. Whether your goal is to attract your perfect mate, grow your business, or even become more confident I can help you out. With the right systems in place and accountability their is no way you can fail. 


All though none of us will ever be perfect, with the right training and guidance I can assure I will help my clients become the best versions of themselves.  I know what is effective and what is ineffective. You deserve to be the best version of yourself!


God Bless

Kendal Kirkland 


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